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Ram Sundaram (
Wed, 24 Apr 96 12:45 GMT+0500

Replying to LO6911 --

>Replying to LO6911---
>I suggest that the concept of LO, as set forth by Peter Senge, does not
>provide the answer to Sundar's question, and that there is not enough
>detail in that concept to answer it.
>On the other hand, I suggest that the system of Interactive Management
>(IM) set forth in my publications,

John thanx for the info. Can you give me an idea of how IM answers my
question ?. I am sure there are others like me who would be interested in
understanding the gist.

The Shark - He glides silently , focused on his prey , giving no clue
whatsoever of his presence.
And when he attacks, its usually for a clean , effortless kill.

-- (Ram Sundaram)

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