Will Sr. Managers Change? LO6935

Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
23 Apr 96 18:22:55 EDT

Replying to LO6849 --

>Do you really think that senior managers in most organizations will really
>change as a result of their encounter with LO theory? I think not. I'm
>afraid that they will skim the work of Senge, Marsick and others and do
>with LO what so many did with reengineering- read half the book and don't
>follow through with sincere reflection on the consequences of their

This one is making a lot of traffic. My thought is that phrasing the
question like that is a bit like the old saw about everyone who used pot
had drunk milk as a growing youngster, therefore...

You can substitute any of the following for 'senior manager' and not
change the answer to the question.

Junior managers, school boards, consultants, school administrators, town
councils, educators at all levels, doctors, lawyers, environmentalists,
anti-environmentalists, husbands, wives, politicians, political leaders,
labor leaders, pro-abortionists, anti-abortionists...

I still fail to understand why we assign more responsibility for this
transition to OTHERS than to OURSELVES.


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