Software for Buzan Mind Mapping LO6929

Michael Wild (
Tue, 23 Apr 1996 16:49:02 -0400

Can anyone recommend any software to draw Buzan Mind Maps? So far I have
tried :

Mind Mapper 1.0 (EGLE Software), USD 25 shareware.
Verdict : Basic, kludgy (MFC used with no imagination) user interface,
incomplete helpfile, several bugs. Good value for $25 if it weren't for the

Inspiration 4.0a demo (Inspiration Software), UKL 100.
Verdict : Full-featured, presents map as graphic or outline, good help and
examples, template facility. Seems expensive.

[Host's Note: I've used Inspiration on the Mac and I think it's quite
good. My favorite way to build mind maps is with Post'it's on a big piece
of paper. ...Rick]


Michael Wild <>

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