A global possibility ... LO6916

Barry Mallis (bmallis@smtp.markem.com)
23 Apr 1996 08:45:19 -0400

Reply to: RE>A global possibility ... LO6886

Ron Davison's idea is intriguing. I'm ambivalent, because at present I
see this list as an instrument of synthesis and foment, but not
necessarily as a group with a singular, albeit "unwieldy" political arm
(political in the sense of using power) advancing a particular, complex

On the one hand, it certainly WOULD be a "grand experiment", although
experiments, in my opinion, require at least one metric by which to guage
results. Do we have such a metric? I'm all for trying things, and like
many or most on this list I have incorporated what I believe are salutary
ideas into my organizational body.

And on the other hand, I imagine from us list participants hosts of
theories become practice which fail and pass their respective tests. No
matter what its manifestations, the ideas on the list continue to stagger
forward into the unknown. Now THAT is an attraction for me as long as we
continue to recount application of our ideas from time to time in the name
of reflection.

Am I expressing a kind of intellectual catatonia in the face of pressing
social needs?

That's one viewpoint. Others?

Best regards,

Barry Mallis

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