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Barry Mallis (
23 Apr 1996 08:08:21 -0400

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When I re-read Tobin's words about inexperience in the business world, I
thought I'd place the following piece of company "scope" on the table as a
sampling from that world.

Below are the first three paragraphs of my organization's "Basic
Statement" which hangs everywhere. It was essentially generated by the
owners of this privately-held company.

"Every organization must perform functions of real value to continue to
exist. The skill and devotion with which its members perform such
wothwhile functions determine the organization's success.

The Corporations's primary function shall be:

To creatively meet customer needs worldwide by manufacturing, selling and
supporting at a profit high quality, economically built, safe and
environmentally sound, benefit producing equipment and consumable supply
products and...

to offer its employees opportunities to be creatively productive as a
group of able, considerate, informed people working in a healthy
environment toward understood, common, worthwhile objectives."

For what its worth,

Barry Mallis

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