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Mon, 22 Apr 1996 14:32:23 -0400

Call for Papers -- The Journal for Quality and Participation
Theme: Creating the Externally Successful Community
Publication date: September 1996
Quieries, outlines, drafts, completed articles should be sent -- by May 10,
1996 -- to:
Ned Hamson, editor: The Journal for Quality and Participation
Association for Quality and Participation, 801-B W. 8th St., Suite 501,
Cincinnati, OH 45203
Tel: 513-381-1979 Fax: 513-381-0070

"This is the time... We are the people... Let's work together... Now!"
On vision... "What you see is what you get!" ---- Noble philosopher: F.
The Web page above has some articles on community excellence from our last
special issue on that topic.
European representative: Peter Beerten, Belgium Consultancy Group: Tel:
011-32-02-569-0222/Fax: 011-32-02-569-7480

We are looking for articles about community quality and/or whole system
improvement. Articles on the planning of such efforts, recruiting people
and organizations to participate in the effort, looks back on
accomplishments and forward toward challenges ahead. Articles on specific
methods of planning and/or moving the community ahead such as the search
conference, future searches, visioning, etc. Community efforts/initiatives
may be ones which are oriented toward economic development only; the
improvement of a single sector (healthcare, education, etc.); or toward
improving all social, economic, political and technical systems within the

Questions? Call, fax, e-mail me after May 6. (I'll be at our Annual
conference in Portland, Oregon until then)
Monday, 22 April 1996


Ned Hamson

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