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Mon, 22 Apr 96 19:20:19 PDT

An interview with Peter Senge in Training & development (Oct. 1991) first
drew my attention to the concept of the Learning Organization. In
conversations about this article I soon discovered the impact of the Fifth
Discipline and realized that the concept was more than another hype.

As a professional knowledge worker at a corporate library I read about the
origins of this thinking, traced Senges article on metanoia organizations
in New Management (1986), the Harvard classic Planning as learning of Arie
de Geus (1988), Chris Argyris contributions on organizational learning
(1978), Robert Fritz theory on creativity in The path of least resistance
(1990), Nonakas Knowledge creating company (1991) and Peter Druckers
Coming of the new organization (1992).

Those publications showed me that above all the concept of the Learning
deals with the practice of management, teamwork, collective learning,
systems thinking and last but not least with effective communication
through dialogue.

On 30 March 1993 Peter Senge presented his findings in Amsterdam during a
congress on learning organizations. I was privileged to attend and became
impressed by Senges dynamic presentation. On that occasion I seized the
opportunity to meet Senge, exchanged a few words with him and had my copy
of his book autographed.

International training & development-sources kept me informed about the
divergent discussions this MIT-concept evoked in the world of learning.
Now, five years later, I'm interested in the different ways organizations
implemented the concept, in reviews on Senges Fieldbook (1994) and in
results of others concerning the learning organization.

As a newbe I sure am looking forward to participate in this list expecting
it to be a true learning experience hoping to gain new insights from the
experience of others.

virtually yours,

Gerrit Visser
Groningen, the Netherlands


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