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John Paul Fullerton (jpf@mail.myriad.net)
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 01:18:09 +0000

Replying to LO6867 --

> In working with the concepts of the disciplines and how to
> illustrate them I could not conceive of them in isolation from their
> human aspects. That is, to me the disciplines are either personal
> to you or I as individuals or they are practiced by you and I as a
> group or community. I chose to call the community a team. This
> duality led me to include in the diagram symbols of two individuals
> and a team. Within the individual's symbol are Self Mastery and
> Mental Models, the remaining three discipines are in the Team symbol
> (rectangle).

The drawing I started with (and haven't passed :) had points that
went to "starred" points due to personal mastery. Something like
O --> (*)

The starred point (*) had a loop around it due to mental models.

> An increase in the level of self mastery has a positive influence
> on the ability to use mental models.

Two of the "looped starred points" are directed toward one another
with arrows to team learning between them.

Then from team learning there's a line and a semi-circle at the end
of it (not underneath yet figuratively) supporting shared vision.
Shared vision is represented as a circle with two eyes - I don't know
why - focused together on something.

The input from shared vision goes down to systems thinking (an
infinity sign beneath the circle) and systems thinking reaches out
through the hands.

I understand that shared vision is not necessarily seeing what is
there now, so maybe input for systems thinking wouldn't come from
shared vision. The graphic Bill drew shows more relations between the
disciplines than mine. Maybe my graphic was based on imagining what
was the nearest relationship among the disciplines. Also, systems
thinking seems like it requires more thoughtful observation or
understanding than action shows.

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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