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Julie Beedon (
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 15:03:37

Replying to LO6824 --

OK Rol I am ready to work with these assumptions (heavily snipped):

> SETs don't really exist, and I claim that this is irrelevant
>because we act as if they do exist.
>We claim that business and political parties and our neighbors
>should all know inherently what is the right thing to do in certain
>circumstances. These "right things" can only be the consequence of

... and have a bash at some SETs

* build community by working towards a common purpose
which is for the greater rather than individual good
* listen to everybody - give everyone 'voice'
* seek to balance the needs of everybody involved
* seek to balance short term with long term thinking
* think positively about the future
* seek to learn from the past
* protect the environment
* make a difference

interestingly as I write them I am acutely conscious that they are really
only mine (which made me dry up in some way - can I do this alone in a
Hotel room in New Orleans?? am I only doing it because I have been working
for hours and I need a break??)

- but I like Rol's point that they are what I am using to process and
review the actions of others.....


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