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Tobin Quereau (quereau@austin.cc.tx.us)
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 16:24:20 -0500 (CDT)

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I'd like to piggyback on what you have said, Barb. My daughter--now in
sixth grade--has been practicing creative thinking, problem solving and
collaborative teaming on a daily basis since the third grade thanks to the
Odyssey of the Mind program and a truly dedicated teacher, Judy Duberry.
The results of this regular exposure to a very different approach to
learning than is usual in school have been tremendous in the life of my
daughter. I count her one of the very lucky ones, myself as one of the
very grateful ones, and Ms. Duberry as one of the very inspiring ones
(along with you, Barb!) deserving of all our praise.

If you know of an Odyssey of the Mind program near you, go take a look at
the results!

Thanks for the reminder, Barb.

Tobin Quereau
Austin Community College

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Barb Stuart wrote:

> I just finished a stint as a creative coach for an Odyssey of the Mind
> team. At the regionals, one local high school took away a lot of awards.
> They brought a large "cheering" section and cheered a cheer each time one
> of the elementary or middle schools in their catchment took a prize. I
> thought of it as creating a culture, very early on which appreciates team
> work, creative thinking and innovation.
> The OM environment involves thousands upon thousands of kids, parents,
> coaches, teachers and business community supporters.
> A ray of hope in a disconcerting educational environment.


Tobin Quereau <quereau@austin.cc.tx.us>

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