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Fri, 19 Apr 1996 10:45:55 MST-0700

Replying to LO6786 --

Barry Mallis asks and Jack answers:

>Where is the team work in our middle and high schools?

In the arena and the stadium, last time I looked.
--- end of quotes ---

I just finished a stint as a creative coach for an Odyssey of the Mind
team. At the regionals, one local high school took away a lot of awards.
They brought a large "cheering" section and cheered a cheer each time one
of the elementary or middle schools in their catchment took a prize. I
thought of it as creating a culture, very early on which appreciates team
work, creative thinking and innovation.

The OM environment involves thousands upon thousands of kids, parents,
coaches, teachers and business community supporters.

A ray of hope in a disconcerting educational environment.



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