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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
18 Apr 96 00:21:53 EDT

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Terri says,

All right, just one more thought. Do we have any real sense of what
it is we're talking about when we speak of injustice, or what is
social justice? How about at work: what does a socially just
workplace look like? What are our injust (is that a word?) practices?
Perhaps it would help to talk of how we experience work, and through
that come to understand more of how we experience our selves and
others within a broader social context. Seems to me this is at least
a part of what it means to be a learning organization.

=== End quote ===

You define it to suit yourself. It is inherent in our diverse society
that there are different definitions. In fact, perhaps bigots don't
really think they are being unjust. Our views on treatment of women are
evolving as we speak. My definition is different than yours. However, we
all agree there is injustice. So envision something that to you is

I can offer you the one clear example I gave in a prior post.


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