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You asked, for your dissertation research, for organisations that fulfil
this criteria:

>By this I am thinking of organizations that seem to have cultivated a
deep social consciousness, directed both inwardly and outwardly to the
broader community. Such organizations are referred to differently in
different literatures: natural, vital, developmental, spiritual, mindful,
conscious, transformed, value-directed, to name but a few.

Terri I do not know where you are doing this research but I like other
contributions you have made to this list - including to me in recent

Your post gets me reflecting on the arrogance we fall into in our language
[and please this is not personal it is an attempt to widen a

By coincidence I have spent today with a group who, IMHO, fulfil many if
not all criteria but the words you use would probably have them throwing
you out on the street. 'They' are the hotel services directorate of an NHS
health care trust serving communities in inner/ north London including the
red light district, the main drug dealing district and a population of
elderly and/or mentally disadvatantaged patients. 'They', IMHO, display,
and succeed/ survive because of the values you mention [and 'they' order
condoms by the articulated truckload].

In specifics Terri let's you and I dialogue off line. In public are we too
cosy using thse comfortable, warm, fuzzy, ain't it great we are LEARNING'
type words whilst others are making it happen on some pretty stressed out
coal faces?

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK


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