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Replying to LO6699 --

I'm not quoting anyone here, but offering a useful toolset: TQM in =
education. The Koality Kid effort begun in Corning, NY, as a reading =
enhancement program, cooperative learning between ASQC members and =
school districts, has been continuously improved to include tools and =
the rational basis for quality. It is proving to be extremely =
successful in a variety of problem sets in the schools. Some examples =
of success:
reduced incidence of violence (Oklahoma)
reduced (dramatically) drop out rate (NYC)
improved transportation, scheduling, etc. (PA)

The efforts use Total Quality Transformation materials developed by PQ =
Systems for the K-12 arena and a well-wrought Train the Trainer system. =
More information can be had from ASQC at 800-248-1946 or myself (below).

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