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There's a distant alarm that I hear when people talk about getting
someone for sexual harrassment. If you'll pardon a fairly icky
confrontation, Ban roll-on has a commercial playing on the Fox
network where a woman is putting on her outer garments and talking
about how Ban has saved her from "that gross white stuff". She uses
the phrase about 6-8 times in kind of a cute voice. I wonder how that
dishonesty redounds in different people's minds.

Obviously, if someone has done wrong and gotten caught, defending the
wrong-doer isn't just. But ignoring society's prompt and the
widespread invitation to related behavior makes the issue less
obvious. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. That does not mean that
a person should be a door mat unless they mean to be one.

> I feel, at times, I am allowed to act when others would be shunned
> and I think it has to do with a gentle certainty I have about the
> action.

I was thinking about the same thing earlier. Really :) If people
learn a certain way of speaking, they can make any number of comments
where it might seem that nothing could be said. The problem that
comes from that outlook is that anyone can say whatever they can say
in a gentle-sounding way. "These are not the droids you were looking

One way to deal with the dilemma is to not care too much about what
happens. Office or church politics or whatever it might be. Yet a
better solution would be for understanding to increase. I've heard
that tone of voice before, and now I go into action. This has
relevance for justice and for not reacting to disrespect. It's also
related to understanding what goes on in dialogue. Yet it sounds

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