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Your question interests me as well. Is your main query one of design?
Are you wanting to structure an activity that will raise issues, etc and
then you superimpose the ladder of inference model quite naturally?

I don't know if ladder of inference is the same as ladder of abstraction?
If so, I have used simple games especially where there are lots of
assumptions about assumptions and communication breakdowns. Then it is
easy to interpret from perspective of levels of abstraction.

So are you after an activity/ game or do you want to design something
original...i. e. adapt, adopt, create?


>Several have expressed an interest in the "ladder of inference," and while
>I can diagram it for them, and provide a cognitive presentation, I'm
>interested in discovering a more "hands-on," practice-based learning
>approach to this tool.
>Can anyone point me in the right direction based on their own experience?
>Responses welcome to the list, or in side-bar. Thanks for your help.
>Malcolm Burson<

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