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Sun, 14 Apr 1996 14:23:25 -0400

Replying to LO6660 --

Re. the "Spirited Debate" thread and Rick's post of 4-14:

I think this is a very important topic for this list, and is certainly
relevant to my worklife. Hal has done a good job of making the same
challenges I encounter when I try to employ dialogue in my organization as
a marketing manager in an entertainment company. Our culture is one of
debate, posturing, "scoring points," and winning influence. We don't shy
away from conflict; however, most of it is not open, it is behind the
scenes caucusing and lining up allies and support for our position. In
that respect, I would welcome Hal's idea of engaging in open,
straightforward disagreement and conflict in my company because it would
be a great first step away from backroom influence.

However, even better would be the ideal outlined in Rick's post. I think
he hit it right on the head when he brought us back to honesty and
respect. Technique is much less relevant when those motivating factors
are present. I also agree with the trickiness of communicating subtle
messages via a computer screen, and how the loss of the most important
cues of tone, body posture, facial expression makes it necessary to be
even more careful in framing the subtlety of my message. I guess that's
why we have to include these dumb icons that drive me crazy, to replace
the ironic facial expression you can't see. :-)

Let's keep this discussion going.

Terry South,
Area General Manager, Showtime Networks
Moraga, CA (510) 376-6012



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