CensorShip LO6671

Bill Fulkerson (fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com)
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 23:48:47 -0500

Replying to LO LO6655
Ray LaManna wrote ....
>Why is there ANY censorship on this listserve?

In my experience, the list monitor has returned messages asking me if I
wanted to post to the list or deal directly with the msg author. In one
case, the post went through ... in the others I delt with the topic off
line. That's not censorship ... rather it is facilitation. Some messages
(especially personal ones) don't add value to the list discussion.

>I think we should all revolt and tell this Rick person that he hass
>no right to censor ANYTHING
> - if this were an academic setting a posse would be formed by now!

I value the list monitor's input and the diverse, reasoned discussion
which he helps create. The level of discussion is quite spirited enough
for me. As for the call to form a posse, a call for a vote would be more
appropriate for this list.

[Host's Note: Right now I have no practical means of operating a vote,
other than inviting msgs annd tallying results on a pad. That is one of
the automated mechanisms I would like to have. ...Rick]

Bill Fulkerson


Bill Fulkerson <fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com>

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