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Marianne said in LO6644

> Has anybody come up with a picture or graphic depicting how Senge's
> disciplines are interrelated?

This is not really a complete answer to the question, though I hope
that it's useful. The following is from my review of "The Fifth
Discipline" at

Brian Dumaine has a related statement that interrelates the
disciplines in Fortune, 130(8): 147-157, 1994 Oct 17, "Mr. Learning
Organization". I did not copy Brian's statement; however, the idea of
relating the disciplines in a linking statement may have been learned
from him. There's also a sports equipment drawing that took a while
to do at the beginning of my review. It won't explain the
relationships of the disciplines; however, it is a graphic :)

"Individual learning should prepare the individual for being a part of
the group (personal mastery), and what is learned needs to prepare
receptivity to others' learning, experience, questions, and manner of
thought (mental models). A viewpoint that is sufficient for
understanding business cycles and system relationships is required for
working with cycles and toward better relationships both of systems
and with people (systems thinking). Without a guiding purpose and
shared values (shared vision), corporate effort will have the Tower of
Babel problem and the confusion resulting from different languages.
For everyone to learn together (team learning), a receptive process of
listening to one another is needed."

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