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Bill Fulkerson (fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com)
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 19:11:56 -0500

In response to LO6577 ...

This message strikes a positive cord with me.
>A personal experience as well:
>I was the youngest General Manager ever appointed at a Fortune
>10 firm at the age of 29. I spent every third weekend either at
>Harvard or at our management institute for the year before this

I remember a shorter, less intensive training experience as a
significant emotional event in my life. However, it was training
to be a better statistical consultant, not a CEO.

>...you face a review. The reviewers are: a VP, a Professor, and a
>Psychiatrist! They speak briefly on your good points and spend at
>least two hours on your mistakes, replete with video!

After the internal protests and explainations were extinguished,
growth for me was rapid ... and I trust, more or less permanent!


Now here is where Hal and I may need further dialog. I seem to
remember a quote ... "Good manners is choosing among truths". I
submit that choice of which "truth" to be pursued is a critical
issue not explicitly addressed in the original post. My knowledge
of Hal, through this list, leads me to believe that he is well
aware of this issue.

>Conflict, in fact HEATED conflict, is a most powerful and
>arguably the most important method of learning known in the
>writings of mankind. Certainly Aristotle professed this, Socrates
>did, even your Senge teaches that what he calls "Initiatory
>Crises" are an important elements in "Team Learning".

Conflict, as a temporary intervention, can be useful to promote
learning. Few of us can assume the detached position of an
observer required to benefit from any but the shortest term

Why do I say this?

I recently worked with a Sr. VP who helped me understand how much
more I could accomplish. Conflict and crisis was a major
component of that understanding. However, the benefits of this
learning are being played out in a different department where
time to reflect, assimulate, and perfect this prior learning was

Bill Fulkerson

I just read Ray Usell's post (LO6643)and almost deleted mine.
Well said Ray!


Bill Fulkerson <fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com>

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