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11 Apr 1996 10:17:17 -0400

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Peter Cooper's question is a tickler if ever there was one!

He asks:

>Is it possible that some structures which attempt to minimize ambiguity are

I recall the thread months ago on this list about linear and non-linear
thinking. One resonant idea is that while we may perceive processes as
linear, there is a degree of inherent, elusive chaos, too. We simply
can't make everything unambiguous.

An article in the news this week described how geologists discovered a
stratum of alpine rock which calls into question some of the tenets of
plate tectonics.

I turn on the TV and by chance my eyes fall upon the preacher who claims
he knows what the word of God means, how it is to be interpreted--how I
must feel about it if I have (his) true faith. He wants to make the
ambiguous nature of faith as clear, precise and singular as the sound of a
poorly made bell with no overtones.

Yessirree, attempts to minimize ambiguity may, in some individuals, be
counterproductive. And what's YOUR measure of productivity, you display
viewers out there?


Barry Mallis

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