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Barry Mallis (
11 Apr 1996 10:00:16 -0400

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Money can destroy justice. Marion's story about his tribulations in
Florida are mirrored in the shenanigans of another college down south
where tyrant administrators syphon off money for their own use, faculty
members have no rights and are subject to abuse, in a community where the
very college has had a positive financial effect on the "downtown".

Administrator/owners, I have heard, went so far as to enlist private
detectives to fabricate innuendo and falsehood about their purported
opponents. Do anything to silence those who don't want to play within a
power broker's established system.

Your story, Marion, lives around the world as well as in these United

I recall someone saying to me years ago that power and love cannot coexist
well, if at all. Money is power for all but a few who recognize, fight
and overcome its insidious nature. The best organizations, I can surmise,
are those where checks and balances created by a strong, cross-functional
weave are the norm.


Barry Mallis

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