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Thu, 11 Apr 1996 07:14:45 -0400

Replying to LO6555, in which Dave said:

>Yes, they do - lots of them. And it reminds of the quote, which I cannot
>attribute - "The whole is simpler than the sum of the parts."

Dave, the quote is from J. Willard Gibbs. Your statement gives me a
chance to sneak in another recent experience.

I just finished reading a new book called "A Thief of Peirce", which is
largely a set of written exchanges between the late Dr. Walker Percy
(rather famous American novelist and writer, who won the National Book
Award and was invited to give the annual NEH address in 1989) and Dr.
Kenneth Ketner, the Peirce Professor at Texas Tech University.

In this book there appeared a quotation from C. P. Snow (the rather famous
British writer). Snow was asked, "who are the two greatest American-born

Snow replied that they were two nineteenth-century Americans, C. S. Peirce
and J. Willard Gibbs. So there, all of you list servers who are not
reading Peirce!

[Host's Note: I've been reading my Peirce! And, I'm finding it
fantastically interesting. I'll be writing to the list about some of the
connections I'm finding between Peirce and my org learning work.

John N. Warfield


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