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jack hirschfeld (jack@his.com)
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 22:38:01 -0400

Replying to LO6521 --

Julie: Rick expresses below my sentiments exactly. I suppose something
came through in the tone, which was really aimed at an earlier
proposition, namely that some people were talking too much here and not
saying enough (to satisfy whom? I might ask). You may remember that one
of your posts triggered an international search for you (I ended up
speaking to you in New Orleans), which I offer as evidence that I admire
your contributions here and that berating you was far from my mind.

I am also a little angry with myself, that I have permitted what I
perceived as judgmental condescension in others (not you, Julie) -
something I abhor - to provoke the same in myself.

I disagree with many things that are said here, and am disinterested in
many others, but I am still awestruck by the degree to which this medium
promotes the open expression of feelings and ideas, and the degree to which
people here do so honestly.

I need to add that I spent many years in a culture in which confrontation
was expressed with the question, "What's your point?" and I think that was
what set me off to respond specifically to your post. I hope in the
process I have not offended you, and I'm sorry that I disturbed you in any
way at all.

>Well I am feeling thoroughly chastised... I shared my own formulae and
>maybe it is a simple one (I possibly forgot to say I save some of the long
>and juicy postings) and whatever Jack might have thought I was *not*
>proposing point scoring .. I love this list .. even when I am overwhelmed
>by the backlog of messages and and *have& to delete some to stay sane -
>apologies to the long poster who I value.. please excuse .. I had no
>intention to offend...
>[Host's Note: And, Julie, I doubt that you have offended anyone. No reason
>for you or anyone else to feel chastised; your contributions are *very*
>welcome here. ... Rick]

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