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> Maybe by reconnecting the adults with the joys and values of learning,
> we'll help our children not get caught in the same cycle.

Folks: I snipped the above only to keep the thread, not to really comment
on the specific content of that message. The entire thread, which I've
been following for awhile now, is leaving me with vague misgivings. To
wit: if a lack of connection with the joys and values of learning is such
a big problem, why are we all on this list? why is it that the folks i
meet in my organization and peer organizations are nearly 100% actively
engaged in learning, and know they are? are we really quashing a love of
and motivation for learning early on in schools, as seems to be the
assumption, or is something else going on? I think we might be finding a
devil to point a finger at here (the school system), i.e., blaming, rather
than uncovering new ground.


Kent Glenzer KGlenzer@aol.com

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