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On Sun, 7 Apr 1996 ParetoKid@aol.com wrote:

> The term "knowledge era" may be useful but when do we date it's beginning.
> Sir Francis Bacon is listed in Bartlett's as the one who coined the
> phrase: "Knowledge is power." So does the knowledge era begin in the later
> 1600's? Someone on this list, I am sure, will be able to tell us who said
> that when you name a thing/idea you kill it or at least box it in so it
> can't continue to grow. The point is, that as soon as we name this the
> knowledge era, we set in motion its end, or at least a hundred
> competitors.

I think knowledge is on another logical level from information.
Information about information is knowledge.

I don't know who said "when you name..." but I think Gregory Bateson wrote
about another set of logical levels - a name is not the thing being named.

Andrew Moreno


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