Should education serve business? LO6480
6 Apr 1996 20:58:46 EDT

Replying to LO6354 --

I want to add my two cents.

If not now, when?

I like to think that one goal of education has always been to help
people prepare for life's endeavors. Education is to help people learn
to think and make decisions for themselves. Education is to help build
a foundation for future behaviors.

For a great number of people life's endeavors, decisions, behaviors
must include business. If not, then the person is depending on people
who do include business.

There has always been, here is now, and there must be a tie between
education and business.

Business should be either the primary funding source or the
supplemental funding source for education. There must be a partnership
or we will experience difficulties in the global economy.

Butch Whisnant
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