Cooperation vs Competition LO6473

Peter Pflaum (
Sat, 6 Apr 96 15:20:26 UT

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On and simple ( but complex ) issue is how to use methods without
believing in "a method". There are no 12 steps, 16 principles, 9
attitudes, etc. Each case is different and people really have to solve
their own problems. Therefore what can the ' wise ' teacher (consultant)
do ? Since all dogma ( theology ) is true and also false - and becomes a
new prison - process becomes the message.. the media is the message - the
relationships are the content - just like in physics. This is simple and
hard, new and old - you know it when you see it. If you understand ( a
little ) it is clear but if you don't you don't. The teachers of Socrates
- talked one-on-one because the way you see the truth is the truth -
within that context - and the way is a path not a manual.


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