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Fri, 5 Apr 1996 22:46:23 -0800 (PST)


I was browsing through Fastcompany's website and I was thinking of some

One of my goals is to go to other countries and hitchike around just for
the fun of it [Hi Scott!]. I've already hitchiked across North America,
might as well add another 61 000 miles. :) When I hitchiked across N.
America, it was mainly because I wanted to go and I didn't have much

After seeing an article on a detergent company's CEO who described how he
goes to Columbia, get's in a jeep, etc. and negotiates with the locals
(hopefully win/win style - fair, honest) I thought maybe I could turn this
hitchiking trip into an opportunity.

I read about this investment manager, his name is Jim Rogers and he
co-managed the Quantum Fund with George Soros, that rode on motorcycle
around the world, along with his girlfriend. He spent $1 000 000. He found
out about a lot of investment opportunities all over the world. I think an
there's an article on the Web somewhere that describes his trip.

I also read about this guy that _walked_ around the world when I was
browsing in a bookstore in Edmonton. I know a few of my friends took trips
after I hitchiked across the U.S., one went through Europe by train.

So my question is, what do you think it would take to hitchike around the
world? Do you think there's the possibility of getting other people
involved who would want to go too? What do you think it would take to be
able to learn all the languages, learn all the government regulations,
make it safely to checkpoints, deal with insurgents, deal with the
weather, etc.? What do you think it would take to make thing win/win for
everybody involved?

After reading that article on the Fastcompany web site, I thought I might
even be able to attract some businesspeople who would want to go. I might
even be able to charge money!

WorldWide Hitchiking Business Trip

Join Andrew Moreno as he travels around
the world in his quest for adaptation!

Learn strategies for managing global
complexity that will allow you to make
win/win business decisions with global
stakeholders - the up and coming
entrepreneurs in emerging markets that
you don't hear about in the press.

Be able to _get down and dirty_ and
learn where the _hidden_ _real_ business
opportunities of the 2000's are located!

Andrew Moreno doesn't have all the answers
right now, but he will when he's done going
around the world.... Do you want to miss
out on this once in a lifetime chance to
join in the adventure and learn with him?

I wonder what my criteria would be for who I would select to go with me?

Man, I could put a website up with all my progress! I could do a deal with
GNN! Nah, I probably couldn't make it win/win so I probably won't.

Day to day updates on Andrew Moreno's

I could even bring my 2 portable computers, get a radio modem, maybe even
get a portable Iridium phone, etc. so I could have internet access while I
was travelling! I could do research and hook up to databases and the Web
while I go! The other businesspeople might be able to maintain their
existing interests if they are involved in information based businesses -
symbolic workers - since they would have access to the Web.

Gee, I am sure glad I thought about this... I gave notice to my landlord
that I was leaving 3 days ago before I came up with this crazy idea... I
just got this hunch I should go...

You know what though, there's a certain uncertainty about hitchiking -
serendipity. I don't know if that would be preserved with a bunch of
businesspeople there with me. I'd have to select them really well.

I'd have to make sure they are really strong inside so they stay calm when
confronted with near-death experiences - not freaking out when we're faced
with M-16 toting power hungry military officers....

Life is sort of like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're
gonna get. :)

Andrew Moreno


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