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Hi! I am a newcomer to the learning-org list.

I work as an officer and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
In my position, I conduct and manage economic research and analysis. My
management responsibilities include energy economics, microeconomic public
policy, regional economics, research support, and the Bank's publication
Economic Review. I have a Ph.D. in economics. I also play guitar and
dance Argentine Tango with my wife Susan.

My first exposure to the concept of the learning organization came from
reading Peter Senge's book THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE. After reading the book I
took the Leadership and Mastery Program from Innovation Associates as part
of management training program here at the Fed. That was about 5 years
ago. (I have also taken several leadership programs from the Center for
Creative Leadership.) Since then I have been interested in the concepts of
developing learning organizations and leading in learning environments.

I find that many of the concepts in systems thinking parallel those in my
own discipline, economics. Perhaps curiously, some of the very recent
discussion about leadership in a learning organization reminded me of an
ongoing discussion on the Argentine Tango list to which I subscribe. On
that list, we have been discussing the proper leading (or marking) of
dance steps.



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