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Replying to Rol Fessenden in LO a means or an end? LO6308:

Rol said:
>The fact that the leader defines reality is not the same as saying the
>leader must define reality. The leader chooses to do it, I believe, and
>the followers choose to accept that view. This does not either imply that
>followers cannot and have not defined reality. They choose to follow a
>particular reality because it is appealing to them. People choose to
>lead, and people choose to follow. A leader in one context is a follower
>in another. A follower in one context is a leader in another.

This is all true. What happens when we lift our eyes from our particular
little corner of the sandbox and realize that our contexts relate to each
other? Different role sets emerge, and as we watch ourselves at play we
see that the ones who operate the steam shovel and the dump truck are
interdependent. Each has her own job to do, and chaos quickly results
when they interfere with each other.

This is all empowerment is - knowing that each has a role, defined by the
circumstances of time, place and personal uniqueness, and encouraging each
other to play those roles without stepping on each other's toes in the

(I hope this makes a little sense out of an overly-complicated subject.)



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