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In LO6301 Archie Kregear wrote:
<The next struggle came as I wrestled with most of the writings that
<placed leaders on a tall pedestal. Many of the authors only talked
<about dynamic leaders, the Winston Churchills, the John Kennedy's. With
<this perspective leadership is only available to the few. Leaders in
<this sense tend to direct attention to themselves. However, as I looked
<at what leaders really do, (and here is one area where I would like all
<of you to dialog in this concept with me) all a leader really does is

Speaking of putting leadrs on pedestals, I think of two quotes:

#1 ...
We have, I fear, confused power with greatness.-Stewart Udall

The men in the ranks are too often forgotten in the adulation we give
the leaders. Brown's memory will never be as sacred a thing to me as
the memory of some who fell with him.
- George Gill (treasurer of John Brown's provisional government)

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