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Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (74170.1061@compuserve.com)
31 Mar 96 10:01:36 EST

Replying to LO6304 --

Deborah Heller in Heart of the Matter LO6304, said:

>plain clear communication is still a powerful tool. Sometimes I find
>it difficult to understand some of the postings.

Good points in your posting about the use of words. I also be;lieve that
this is an important concept in learning organizational behavior.

For me, a good metapohor or a good quote gets a group more focused on the
issues and opportunities and helps to clarify, not confuse. In the past,
when I got wound up tight, I sometimes found myself speaking over the
heads of some of the managers (I generally think top management 'gets
it'), and thus needed to check myself.

It's fun to use the gobbledegook and multisyllabic acme academic dialog
(eg "Let me demonstrate how smart I am") in presenting materials, but the
head nods of agreement matched with the glazed eyes and non-contribution
of participants reminds me that a word spoken is not necessarily a word
understood. And the response of simply speaking LOUDER isn't going to
improve communications and understanding.

It is not about language but about clarity and understanding. It is about
participative involvement and ownership. It's about organizational
dynamics and interpersonal behavior. And it is about continuous
continuous improvement and diversity of thinking. It is about rethinking
realities and radiant thinking possibilities. It's about setting the
stage for a positive, supporting environment.

Thus, I retrograde back to simple thoughts for complex issues, like:

"It's hard to care for customers if you don't think the Boss cares for


"Boss spelled backwards is an accurate representation of reality."

For the Fun of It!


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