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Peter H. Jones (phj@actrix.gen.nz)
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Replying to LO6278 --

Replying to John Paul Fullerton's: " My boss and I were talking the other
day, and he mentioned that people don't like the idea of "learning"..."

Last year I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting Rolf Osterberg
the author of "Corporate Renaissance", Nataraj, 1993 ISBN 1-882591-12-7.
I now enjoy quoting Rolf's statements about "The Purpose of Work." He
gives the following definition:

"Work, as every other aspect of life, is a process, through which we
acquire experiences and insights and grow inwardly. The production of
goods and services and economic return for work, are by-products of this

He goes on to touch on subjects like "physical and mental absenteesim" as
symptoms of our failure to change organisations to meet young people's
expectations etc. And then leads up to my all time favorite quote:

"The primary purpose of a company is to serve as an arena for the personal
development of those working in the company. The production of goods and
services and the making of profits are by-products."

Ask your boss what he thinks about that?


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