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Thu, 28 Mar 96 12:39:54 UT

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It maybe freemason's "Liberty, equality and fraternity" which is not now
PC given the Ayn Ryan "individualism" mystic. Liberty now = getting the
government out of the way, equality = some chance to be hear ( empowerment
) and brotherhood = community ( non-sexist ). The 18th century idea that
people could manage their own affairs was VERY radical. They didn't need
superstitions ( the church ) or kings ( ruling class of their betters )..
do they need bosses.. can they be trusted to see beyond the daily passions
and limits of small world views ? Not likely.. but can be given ( or they
can take) the chance for freedom - most people DON'T want it.
Responsibility doesn't pay and it's better to be a free rider. Leadership,
like parenthood is helping children grow to adults - to take charge of
their choices and lives. Most of us don't do such a hot job as parents
and boys will be boys.

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