It's not just semantics LO6251

Malcolm Burson (mooney@MAINE.MAINE.EDU)
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 05:35:43 -0500

Replying to LO6240 --

On March 26, David posted a paper on empowerment, noting that
>the group liked the concepts, but they have trouble with the term

David-- while in many ways I like the tenor of what you write, I'm
reminded of something posted here not long ago (can our host find the
original reference?) which has become something of a watchword for me
in this discussion:

"Empowerment is not a management output."

As an afficionado of Peter Block's _Stewardship_, I guess I'd have to
offer MHO that your approach still makes powerful assumptions about
the essential power to give or not give resting in management. For
example, your *direction* definition seems to presume that someone is
to tell the "workers" what the mission is, rather than presuming that
they have been partners in building the shared vision.. But perhaps that
wasn't your intent.

[Host's Note: No, Sorry Malcolm, I can't find that reference immediately.]

Know that I've valued your postings in the past, and look forward to
the conversation that may result here on this thread.


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