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Somewhere along the way this thread seem to have been attracting a
seemingly negative perspective which does not rest easy. Every statement
seems to have its negative incarnation, to the point where sometimes it's
almost like doing nothing appear the preferred alternative, which has to
be unacceptable---maybe.

Leaders create followers, and followers create leaders, and in some unique
instances they are one and the same.

Max De Pree said, "The first responsibility of a leader is to define
reality, the last is to say thank you. In between the leader should be a

So, another connotation for it the leader has to define reality the
implication is that those led are incapable of defining reality, so like a
herd they must be lead along the way. The implication being that
leadership is demening?

So, we find ourselves once again back at, "It Depends!" And I didn't even
know I was going to end up here, yet, All coins have a front and a back,
and all positive perspectives have their dark side, and which side we see
is a choice. And some just choose to live in the MurkWorks of the mind.
And always viewing only the positive aspects of things is just as risky,
for as Helen Keller said, "When your looking at the Sun, it's hard to see
the shadows."

So what is an appropriate persepective from which to lead?

Gene Bellinger



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