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Tue, 26 Mar 1996 13:53:01 -0500

Replying to LO6229 --

Do we "motivate" the cows to move with whips or intice them with sweet
feed? offers a strange metaphor. Reminds me of the joke both Bertalanffy
and Alfie Kohn share: B. F. Skinner did all his work with rats and pigeons
and then wrote about humans.

The question I will ask, if management is the cowboys dropping sweet feed
along the cow's path, what does that say about workers' intellectual and
motivational capacities? Deming said that once you've destroyed the
people in a company, you don't have much left. I'd say that if the people
in your company aren't realizing their potential, neither is your company.
And how can people motivated by carrots and sticks realize their

If people need extrinsic motivation to perform, who motivates the

Ron Davison (RonDavison@aol.com), San Diego

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