Chaos Conf LO6231 -Berkeley CA 6/96
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June 25-28, 1996. University of California, Berkeley
(San Francisco Bay Area)

SCTPLS is an international organization of scientists committed to the
study of chaos theory, fractals, nonlinear dynamics, self-organizational
processes and related principles applied to any of the various
psychological subdisciplines, neuroscience, biology, physiology and other
areas of medical research, economics, sociology, anthropology, physics,
political science, organizations and their management, other business
applications education, art, philosophy, and literature.

We invite the membership and cybercommunity to join us for our annual
conference which will be held in metro-San Francisco, which the site of
our inaugural conference in 1991. San Francisco is a well known cultural
center and should provide a conducive ambiance for our transactions.
(SCTPLS meets just prior to the American Psychological Society's annual
convention in San Francisco, June 29 - July 2.)

Our Special Guest Speakers will be:

RALPH ABRAHAM, University of California, Santa Cruz, and
JAMES CRUTCHFIELD, University of California, Berkeley


A full program of paper presentations will cover all the major
application areas mentioned above. Special plenary lectures are
planned in organizational science, clinical psychology, cognitive
science, and economics. (Note we have incorporated enough flexibility
to accommodate additional paper submissions through April 15, 1996;
to add a paper, please contact Bill Sulis, (
as soon as possible.

Introductory, Advanced, and topical workshops in nonlinear dynamics
and their applications will take place before and after the conference,
as follows:

6/25 Full Day Workshop: The Complex Dynamics of Organizational Change
-- Prof. Kevin Dooley, University of Minnesota

Organizational change specialists have used and abused chaos and
complexity metaphors for several years now. Is there any usefulness to
these advocations? How do these suggested approaches compare to traditional
organizational change strategies and theories? This workshop shall
explore these questions by looking at: the contents of organizational
change, cognitive and behavioral models of change; emergent behavior
in self-organizing systems, nonlinear dynamical systems models of change,
implications to structure and culture, and examples in total quality
management and organizational reengineering. The workshop will be activity-
based, using many different role-playing simulations to engage participants
in learning. This workshop does not presuppose a deep background in either
organizational change nor in nonlinear dynamical systems; we will work
in the realm of the visual and experiential, not the mathematical per se.

6/25 Full Day Workshop: Clinical and Psychotherapy Applications of
Nonlinear Dynamics -- Alan Stein, Ph.D., Psychoanalyst, New York City;
Prof. William Sulis, McMaster University.

Chaos-based psychotherapeutic systems require different approaches
to clinical practice than do traditional systems. Sensitive dependence
upon initial conditions, the possibility of systems unpredictably
reaching (or not reaching) criticality and precipitously self-organizing,
the improbability that regression can give up pathogenetic loci, which can
then be theoretically repaired through therapeutic intervention, all make
emotional, theoretical and case management demands upon the therapist
unknown in conventional models. In this workshop, after defining and
discussing various theoretical reasons for these fundamental differences,
we will, through a consideration of case material, work to develop
therapeutic goals, ways of thinking about process, dealing with impasses
and countertransferential emotional loads that are appropriate to
chaos-based systems.

6/28 AM Half-Day Workshop: Basic Nonlinear Dynamics
Prof. Keith Clayton, Vanderbilt University.

This program will cover basic principles of nonlinear dynamics:
attractors, bifurcations, phase portraits, chaos concepts,
fractals, dimensionality, and their implications for time
series analysis, hypothesis testing, and theory development
in psychology and the life sciences. (NOTE: There is no charge
for this workshop for people who are registered for the conference.)

6/28 PM Half day Workshop: Advanced Concepts in Complex Dynamical Systems
-- Prof. William Sulis, McMaster University

This workshop will provide an introduction to some of the modeling
strategies of complex systems theory. No prior knowledge of nonlinear
dynamics or mathematics is required. The workshop will focus upon
the basic structural features and modeling techniques of cellular
automata, spin glasses and forest fire models, and spatial games. The
participant will become familiar with the basic concepts of complex
systems theory: emergence and emergent computation, the edge of chaos,
self organized criticality, phases and phase transitions and the importance
of spatial patterns. If time permits, two complexity measures will be
introduced: entropy and Kolmogorov complexity. From this workshop the
participant should be able to peruse the entry level works in complex
systems theory with some confidence.

Location, Accommodations, and Registration

Berkeley has 40 bed spaces in double occupancy suites (meaning
private bathrooms) plus residence hall rooms (meaning hallway
bathroom) on the Clark Kerr campus. It is a beautiful spot, enclosed
and sheltered from the rest of the campus though within walking
THE SOCIETY. Accommodations should be booked by JUNE 5 in order
to ensure availability.

Conference Registration Fees

Members US$ 110.00
Student members 85.00
Nonmembers 160.00

Please note: All presenters must register for the conference.

Workshop Registration Fees

Half Day Full Day
Regular $ 75 $ 150
Students 40 75

Lodging & Meal Package

Accommodations are provided on a package basis including housing and dining
services for the duration of the program. There is no reduction in price
for late arrivals, early departures or missed meals. (NOTE: The following
rates supercede previous announcements.)

The package rates are based upon arrival on Tuesday, June 25 with the
departure or check-out on Friday, June 28. Prices include taxes on
dining services. The rates are $200.00 per person, double occupancy and
$255.00 single occupancy. Those who will be arriving Monday, June 24,
will need to pay an additional $32 per person, double occupancy or $53.00
single occupancy for that early day arrival.

Cancellations and Refunds

We fully understand that life happens while we make plans. In order to
meet our commitments to the University of California, however, we regret
that we cannot guarantee refunds for cancellations received after
June 10.

Society Membership

You can register as a Society member right now to take advantage of
the discounts on conference and workshop fees. There are two basic
options available.

1. Membership for 1995-96 only. The term of this membership expires
August 31, 1996, and includes all current SCTPLS membership
benefits including back issues of this year's Newsletters.
Rates are $35, or $25 for students.

2. Membership through August 31, 1997. This is our Value Pak that
includes all current SCTPLS membership benefits PLUS a year's
subscription to the Society's new journal, NONLINEAR DYNAMICS,
PSYCHOLOGY, AND LIFE SCIENCES (to be issued January, March, July,
and October, 1997). Rates are $80, $70 for students.

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NOTE: All amounts above are priced in US Dollars. Make checks or
money orders payable to the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology &
Life Sciences (or SCTPLS). Remit with this form to:

Keith Clayton, Secretary, Dept. Psychology, Vanderbilt University,
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