Mon, 25 Mar 1996 10:00:40 -0500

In Buenos Aires, where a group of systems thinkers have been meeting for
many years, lives a prominent member, Charles Francois. Charles is a
retired Belgian diplomat who married an Argentine woman, and has settled
down their during his retirement years.

At his own expense, Charles has been working for 6 years to create an
organic network of terms, i.e., a dictionary of systems and cybernetics.
Finally he has reached a point where he is looking for a publisher. Since
this type of book can hardly be written in the popular style, he envisages
that he will have a very hard time in making this book available to the
numerous disjunct communities of systems thinkers and cyberneticians.

If anyone can provide any help to Charles in his quest to get this book
into print for its limited audience, I hope you will be willing to contact
him via email. His email address is:


He will be away starting around April 2, to attend several systems
meetings in Europe.

Thanks for your interest.

John N. Warfield



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