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> While I think that the American MBA's toolbox is starting point, I
>also think that the tools are too simplistic (sometimes very unrealistic),
>and very inflexible. They are based on theories that were developed under
>conditions that do not exist enymore. Most of the framework on analyses
>taught in most schools of business, graduate and undergraduate, were not
>developed with the dynamic world we face today in mind. Most of those
>models do not take into consideration concepts and new tools such as
>TQM/CQI. systems thinking, employee empowerment (liberation?), learning
>organizations.... I am, or have been involved in four different MBA
>programs, and the tools we emphasize make me ... sick ..., sometimes!

I am not sure if I went to a 'top' UK school but a few years ago I
started a part-time MBA and only completed one term - there were a
number of personal reasons why I needed to take time out but I
never felt any motivation to return (and I did my BA degree
throught the Open University over 6 years so it was not my
staying power!) and the biggest issue I had with the course was the
points you raise above - tutors told us TQ was 'unproven', that
participation was 'unproven', they did not even seem to want to
discuss some of the things we were working with in our
organisations ... I found it a very frustrating expereince and I
am not in a hurry to return to an MBA course... (although I have
heard some good stories about some others in the UK)

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