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Sun, 24 Mar 1996 07:47:04

Replying to LO6167 --

>Please note that I've never participated in group dialogue or seen
>it! And I'm not saying that these recommendations are necessary for
>application in the group mentioned.

All of John's comments made a lot of sense to me.. I could add a
few reflections from my personal experiences in participating in
group dialogue mainly - my personal sense was one of letting go
... until I did that I did not really experience the 'meaning
flowing through'... I also found I had to do a lot of reflective
work thinking about the mental models I was using and the ones
other people were using and exploring in my mind what was different
about them and what I perhaps needed to let go of... hard work in
places... staying connected to each other when it gets difficult
in the middle seems to need some kind of core sense of value and
belonging...being ready to push back as well as let go....I think
John's point about "not really trying to get anywhere in
particular" is an important one but I also think it is worth
noting that where you do get in a dialogue session which has gone
really well is further than you might ever have imagined possible
in terms of creating new meanings and mental models etc...

In terms of getting started in dialogue we always use the MCG -
membership, control and goals process as an underpinning to
developing the team learning environment necessary for dialogue...
if anyone is not familiar with it I could send more info..

Julie Beedon
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