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Thu, 21 Mar 1996 11:38:22 -0500

I have been reading messages from the last 4 days, and beginning to feel like
a voyeur, so I thought I would let you know who I am.

[Host's Note: Voyeur? Not a chance. We welcome your intro, and people are
also welcome who just read!]

I am in the middle of a midlife (I am 41) career transition, after working
in a commercial bank for nearly 9 years, mostly as an Investment Manager.
I'm currently unemployed and working on a Master's degree in
organizational psychology and holistic career counseling at Goddard
College in Vermont (in their off-campus program; I'm in New York). Over
the past several months (stimulated by reading <The Fifth Discipline> for
a paper on interpersonal systems), I have come to find an intellectual and
spiritual home in the theory of the learning organization, and I am in the
process of redesigning my degree plan around it.

I have a strong interest in constructivism (how people make meaning) and
narrative (how people communicate meaning), and in the transformative
power of myth and metaphor. I believe the world is in deep trouble on
many levels (economic, ecological, ideological) and that we, the children
of the earth, are at last beginning to face our responsibility as
co-creators of the myriad realities that shape the quality of our lives.
I believe that organizations - particularly those involved in business and
education - play an important role both in contributing to dysfunction and
in effecting change. My primary interest is in the well-being of the
individual, but I wholeheartedly believe that the development of learning
organizations is essential for the continued viability of organizations
themselves. I am excited at the prospect of working with people who bring
their heart and soul, as well as their mind, to the workplace.

I would appreciate information on career paths in this work - also on any
workshops or conferences on learning organizations (preferably in the
Northeast). I would also welcome email from anyone who cares to share
their personal experience with me.

I look forward to participating in this forum. Thanks for being there!

Marie Tondreau


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