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Marco Santoni (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 18:57:53 +0100

I am looking for documents, articles, available models and examples of use
of simulation models running in networks (geographic or lan), having a
good interactivity level for tele-teaching activities especially adressed
to adults needing a continous action of professional reconversion.

In particular, I would like to know if there exist examples of virtual
laboratories for the remote teaching based on simulation of:

1. *Business processes* like budget preparation, business control,
economic-financial analisys.
2. *Stock Exchange activities* like stoke -brokering.
3. *Market processes* like planning the results of targeted promotion
(or advertising) campaigns,selling analisys based upon usual market
dynamics, investigating the liking of potential clients in respect of new
products or services.
4. *Production processes" like the best use of production resources,
production scheduling built on selling forecast.

Thanks a lot in advance to everybody

Marco Santoni
Via dei Bruni n. 27
50139 Firenze


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