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11 Mar 1996 08:37:29 U

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It has been brought to my attention that a typo in the home page address is
making it impossible to find Novations home page. The correct address is:

Rose Wentz
The Casey Family Program
From: ChRoseW on Thu, Mar 7, 1996 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: Char of life-long learners LO5873
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>Novations has a home page that explains more of their model.
>I will not be sending seperate responses to those who asked for it. I >hope
this is enough information. I am willing to answer questions about how this is
working in my agency.

>Novations can be reached at 801.375.7525. They are very willing to talk to
anyone. Ron Cutadine is my contact and would be willing to talk to anyone who
wants information from the direct source.

Rose Wentz
The Casey Family Program


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