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Mon, 18 Mar 1996 12:59:55 -0500 (EST)

[Host's Note: Carl Reimann operates this network site for higher ed and
has been helpful to me on some questions about operation of the LO
facility. He calls it HEPROC and I don't know what this stands for.]

HEPROC Resources have been moved and vastly improved. Key words and

archives, news, databases, forums, interactivity, searching,
note-taking from the web, problem solving using the Internet


1. The HEPROC Gazette features news, pointers to new resources,
and discussion pieces.

2. The HEPROC Library now contains over 8000 articles and records.
This includes
(a) the entire HEPROC archive since Sept 1993
(b) ASSESS (list) and CQI-L (AAHE) archives
(c) over 230 Contact Database entries, checked in 1996
(1) you can add your entry if you wish
(d) Internet Resources Reviewed
(e) all Library tools are boolean searchable
(1) search results are prioritized

3. The HEPROC web now has a note-taking feature. When you access
the web, you can pull down a note screen and send yourself
thoughts and bits of text as you work. The screen can be minimized
and brought back at will. Uses frames - if your browser does not
use frames the notes feature is otherwise available to you.

4. Problem Solving on the Internet. HEPROC includes a guide to
solving educational problems using Internet resources.

5. Organized networking opportunities. HEPROC discussions are divided
into seven discrete topical areas. The Networking area allows you
to join and leave these forums, as well as send them correspondence.
The HEPROC Contacts Database allows you to engage in organized
networking as well. See the Networking area to place your entry in
the database.

All of the above resources are available at no charge.

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HEPROC Resources:
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