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Check the site for more: but to
understand (maybe) the profound meaning in Deming and the fifth discipline
- maybe we should go back to the 1930's and GENERAL SYSTEMS - unlike
systems analysis of the 1960's General Systems was more organic - like
ecology. In ecological systems everything connects to everything a dynamic
balance. Then Forester at MIT with industrial dynamics and the Club of
Rome world models.

The key to TQM is the difference between individual actions ( special
causes ) and operational context ( general causes ) Most problems are
systems problems ( like US Government ) FIX the problem, not the blame.

Then the idea of Quality - comes from the roots not like tinkle on the
Christmas tree - The good, the true and the beautiful. Our awareness is of
appearances and shadows on the wall of the caves - we have to raise our
level of consciousness - not so easy. Deming WAS - he had BEING ( as
maslow explains ) Not so much what he does as what he is ! Sufi methods
have been used for 5000 years to do just this for the ruling classes who
had to be in the world but not of the world - get beyond the common
illusions toward a more meaningful relationship with the REAL - Freemasons
are a shadow of sufi systems thinking - there are others. Traditional
training took 1001 days - ( and nights) Stories, practices, fables, all
play a part.. It has to be conditional on the situation on the ground -
there is no abstract general theory of reality (social) and the meaning of
matter, time and space is not so clear. There does that do any good ?

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