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Charles Parry (
13 Mar 96 13:15:54 EST

Subject: System Cannot Understand Itself LO6025


>I come to this, in part, because of my Mom's *incredible* skill at
analyzing my behavior and the behavior of the systems around me
and her ability and willingness to offer a consistent stream of
corrective ideas and personal improvement initiatives to generate
my personal mastery. I believe she labeled this activity,
constructive criticism. (really!). And in actuality, my
unwillingness / resistance caused me to NEVER have the ability to
dissociate and even investigate whether any one of these thousands
of ideas have merit.

>And today, I've developed the skill to let the ideas flow by
without the emotional hooks, but I am still unable to react
objectively to any of the ideas. But that's my problem.

IMHO, this "Mom's constructive criticism" problem is central to the
challenge any organization faces in taking in new ideas and ways of
perceiving what's going on with them - and of couse is a key challenge
faced by any outsider (read consultant) or insider (read someone with a
better idea, such as taking a LO approach).

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