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Fri, 08 Mar 1996 09:02:04 -0600

reply to LO6024 reply of Barry Mallis:

Barry wrote:
Theorists like us abound, and we cavort electronically, supporting one
another, elucidating theories, and synthesizing ideas into personal

Barry says it again!! I, too, dilegently check LO posts every morning. I
also put them into folders and refer to them as needed...I even have a
"respond to" folder. But it frequently strikes me that we talk with one
another about the value of contributions that add value and the inclusion
qualities of dialogue and yet it sometimes seems as though we use this
vehicle as a another vehicle to literally pontificate....and the
pontification is for self-validation. For example, if we agree with
something that someone says, is it necessary to repeat it on the
list...??? Why don't we simply nod our heads at our computers and smile
and say to ourselves "right-on". When we repeat what others say in
agreement are we adding value or do we just want to "get out two cents" in
for some validation of some sort...or yes....those of you who have heard
me say this over and over again...for that illusion/allusion/perception of

I am very wary of the third person pronouns frequently is
"people and they" not us..... So, maybe we are trying to separate
ourselves - feel our individuality - make our mark, so to speak, by
espousing collective intelligence. Hey, do you think that maybe we are
engaging in a quest (albeit unconscious) for group think instead? And, a
group think that is exclusive rather than inclusive?

The only way I know of to get conscious about what is unconscious is to
listen to the clues....our language - body, verbal, sensory,
tactical...and hear those clues and try to make some sense out of them.
All of us appear to be students of chaos and complexity theories - it
takes some discipline to look at what emerges.....and it takes an
abandonment of disclpline to see it. (Remember doing and not-doing?)
Perhaps we should harken to a little Hoffer....(paraphrased) in that the
world belongs to those of us that are learning...the learned are living in
a world that no longer exists.

Best to all....from your infrequent contributor and ardent

Myrna Casebolt



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