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One of the thought process requirements of what you are decsribing is
a knowledge of the process involved. You think about the seed and what
it is going through. Thus, the process is not just the sterile
biological description of the seed and the germination process but an
organic (from the seed's perspective) view of the world.

Then, in a change of perspective you are thinking about yourself - an
"observer" to the process that you cannot see. You now set yourself
the feedback loop that says that you should see something in 10 days.

This moving into the space of the entity that is being changed (that
you cannot see) and then moving back to your role as observer of the
entity is one of the key attributes of people that are effective,

A number of technical experts understand the process but not
empathatically and a number of them have not developed the ability and
timing to move back and observe from a wider perspective.

Madhu Beriwal
Innovative Emergency Management
"Managing Complexity"

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